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Raipur is located in the south-eastern corner of the Birbhum district, West Bengal, which is an alluvial plain between Ajay and Mayurakshi Rivers.

Tourist Interest

The ruins of the ancestral house of Bhuban Mohan Singha still stands at the end of the village. Tourists bound for Bolpur-Sriniketan-Santiniketan may easily pay a visit to this site. The grandeur and vast expanse of the once stately mansion (Raipur Rajbari) can still be recognized. The famous Ajay river is just beside Raipur.

In 1863, Debendranath Tagore took on permanent lease 20 acres of land, with two chhatim trees, from Bhuban Mohan Sinha, the talukdar of Raipur. He built a guest house and named it Santiniketan (the abode of peace). Gradually, the whole area came to be known as Santiniketan.

Modhubon Agro Tourism

Modubon Agro Tourism is situated at Raipur, Birbhum.

Modhubon Resort is built over 12 Bighas of of land including 5 Bighas of Garden Pond (The Historical Jalchhatra) which is surrounded by open and green field and the river Ajay. Stone pelting distance from Raipur Rajbari.

Jalchhatra is a historical pond, which was dug 200 years ago, by the then Nawab of Bengal, Nawab Murshid Quli Khan. The original ghat is still visible at the south side of Pond. Jalchhatra was the only source of drinking water that time for the entire surrounding villages.

Modhubon Resort is containing with 200 Mango trees (varieties of Mangoes, like Himsagar, Langra, Chousa, Mumbai, Alphonso, Ampralali etc.), Visitors enjoys organic ripe mangoes direct from tree during mango season. Modhubon has its own Vegetable, Fish and Egg cultivation.

Fresh and green Vegetables are being cultivated at it’s own site.

Modhubon is providing exclusive individual cottages and high end food and room service for its visitors.

When families are visiting our agro tourism, it’s surely an attempt to escape from a city’s congested life for a while.

Modhubon Agro Tourism offers Sophisticated Accommodation, Conference, Baul Sangeet, Rural Dance, BonFire, Open Sky Distance Marriage, Farming experience, Rural experience, Full of Oxygen and Greenery experience, Recreational, Boating, Leisure, Fishing and other activities to the visitors. Modhubon Agro Tourism  is also offering exclusive Multicuisine Restaurant (Madhukunja).


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